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I often get asked about what tools to buy when starting out metalsmithing so I decided to make a tool guide for you!  It talks about how to get started, how to set up your studio, safety tips, and of course a HUGE list of tools.  There's the short list of essentials you'll want to get started and then there is a list of tools that are nice-to-have.   

I’m so excited you’re starting your metalsmithing journey. While setting up a studio for the first time can be a little intimidating, this guide is intended to make the process a little bit more approachable with tips and guidance on safety, how to organize your space, and the equipment and tools you’ll need.

This guide also has the option to come with a 30 minute phone consultation so you can ask any questions you may have about setting up your own metalsmithing studio.   

Once you make this purchase you will get the guide sent to your email and I will reach out to you to set up the phone consultation. 

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