My Jewelry philosophy!

I strive to make jewelry that’s comfortable, stylish, and can be worn everywhere. I believe jewelry should be worn and loved. I spend a lot of my free time outside, exploring the mountains and rivers across Arizona and the Southwest, so I value products that are durable and can withstand active lifestyles. I make each piece with recycled metal and use hand fabrication techniques to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

Photo: Adjustable split rings - great for people feel like their fingers are constantly changing sizes with the temperatures of the day and with exercise.

Two Split Rings that are adjustable in size

I believe that every piece of jewelry we wear becomes part of our identity. It helps elevate our style and enhances our beautiful personalities. I love to work with customers on custom designs to create meaningful pieces. For me, wearing a piece of jewelry everyday helps ground me and reminds me of the people and places I love. I hope to create pieces that do this for others as well.

Photo: I call this ring my "Spirit Ring".  

My Spirit Ring - Sterling Silver and Turquoise

Throughout my life, I’ve always loved creating, but I never thought I could make a living making my own art. Taking the leap to become a fully self employed was scary, but deep down I knew it was the right move for me. In the last few years I’ve learned to more confidently embrace the unknown and lean toward things that I might at first resist. I’m still early on my journey as a business owner, and I know there will be more roadblocks ahead, but the biggest lesson I’m holding right now is to keep taking steps forward despite fear of the unknown.

Photo: The "Shop" area of my downtown Flagstaff studio.

The "Shop" area of my studio