Bringing Printmaking into my jewelry business

Photo: Reduction Print from college

In the world of art and design, inspiration can comes from everywhere. For me, one of the most inspiring and intriguing mediums is printmaking.

Photo: Monotype Prints of NH 4,000footers from my senior project


During my college years, printmaking became my focus, culminating in my senior project—a monotype print series featuring topographical maps of the 48 New Hampshire 4000-foot mountains, all of which I have hiked. This project was not just an artistic endeavor but a personal one, reflecting my love for both art and adventure. This unique form of printmaking offers a sense of spontaneity and experimentation that resonates deeply with my creative process.

Photos: Senior project monotype prints

Today, I continue to incorporate printmaking into my small business. I turn my relief prints in to a variety of products; cards, stickers, hats, shirts, and sweatshirts, bringing a touch of artistry to everyday life.

One of my favorite ways to combine printmaking with jewelry making is by turning my relief print designs into metal stamps. While I currently have only one metal stamp of my print, but I hope to create more in the future. I love that this stamp helps me to combine my two favorite mediums, to make what I like to call, "jewelry prints"!