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Hand stamped silver toe rings. (made to order)

I have softened all the edges to make these rings super comfortable and they open in the back. That way you can open it to get it on your toe and then tighten it up to help it fit and stay in place.

You might ask, how comfortable is a toe ring? I have had my toe ring on for over 10 years, it is my only jewelry that I never take off. I have become so used to it that I can’t even feel it on my body anymore. So my answer is, it’s all what you get used to.

  • Each toe ring is handcrafted individually and may have slight variations.  These variations are what make each piece unique and beautiful.
  • Please allow 3-12 business days before shipping.  These pieces are made to order so I will always do my best to make them as soon as possible once the order comes in.  If you need them shipped by a specific date, please send me a message and I will do my best to accommodate for you.

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